Friday, July 13, 2012

The Medical Benefits of Sleeping on a Waterbed!

Over the past few weeks we have discussed some wonderful benefits of sleeping on a waterbed. Let's review the facts: relieves back pain due to total body support, arthritis relief, helps conquer insomnia, and battles asthma while it aids allergy sufferers. The facts are out there, as we have stated in the past few weeks; sleeping on a waterbed is the most beneficial mattress for a "great night's sleep!" Yes, the rise in popularity of the waterbed had nothing to do with its benefits for the human body, rather its sex appeal.  Let's bring the waterbed back, not for the sex, but for the benefits and tranquility it possesses - remember how we likened it to floating on water?

There are other proven medical benefits to sleeping on a waterbed. Pregnant women regain comfort and benefit from water. Since the water displacement balances out their body mass, and with the elimination of those "pressure points," it even allows them to enjoy a night's rest on their stomachs! When a person becomes bedridden and spends endless hours with the body lacking movement, those pressure points that focus on certain parts of the body create ulcers, or "bedsores!" It has been proven that water mattresses, helping prevent those pressure points, will eliminate bedsores that already exist as well as prevent future ones from developing!

Here are other medical claims that have been documented: waterbeds are helpful for people who have immobile injuries or nerve disorders. A person who has any sort of general surgery where comfort is a must - a waterbed is the new bed for you! Yes, there are some down sides to owning a waterbed and sleeping on water, and we will get into them; but first let us ask you what is most important in looking for "your bed?" We want you to think about your physical health, but everyone must form their own conclusions.


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