Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sleep Peacefully on Water....

The latest statistics compiled suggest that more than 30% of people suffer from insomnia; 40-60% of people over the age of 60! The leading causes of insomnia are stress, anxiety, and depression. After surviving a day filled with all of these who wouldn't be searching for a peaceful night's sleepHow disappointed the body feels when it can't get comfort, and soothing relief from "the" bed. Remember the complete comfort and support that a waterbed offers as it equally distributes your weight, dismantling pressure points, and providing heated tranquility.

We know there are some critics out there and we will address their concerns and issues at a later time, but what we are addressing here are the positives. Waterbeds have been proven to help sleepers get a better night's sleep with higher quality rest than conventional mattresses. You have to ask yourself, "If waterbeds aren't exactly all they are cracked up to be, then why are hospitals starting to purchase waterbeds for their rooms?"

We would like to end on this note: remember back to when you were learning how to swim, and they taught you how to float, on water! The moment you achieved success, you closed your eyes and just felt the tranquility inside and out. Now open your eyes, how wonderful that feeling would be night after night on your very own waterbed.

Stay tuned next week as we discuss how waterbeds can aid in asthma and allergies.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Don't Need to Sleep with Pain!

     It is estimated that nearly half of all working Americans suffer from some sort of back pain.  Research has shown that people suffering from back pain is on the rise.  There have been endless improvements over the years in conventional bedding; from pillow top mattresses, to memory foam, to sleep number beds.  The bottom line for these improvements is better quality sleep, with added comfort.  However, none of these improvements have equaled the comfort and quality of sleep you get on a waterbed

 Last week, we explained how "pressure points" are created on conventional beds; how waterbeds displace your weight evenly, giving you the most support for your body, leading to a great quality of sleep.  Not only do waterbeds create total body support for quality sleep, but waterbeds are equipped with a temperature control system allowing you to find the perfect temperature for your body, thus helping you to feel the most relaxed.  When you have aches and pains, you find yourself looking for a heating pad.  Why?  Adding heat to your sore, aching muscles increases body circulation allowing a soothing, relaxing effect and also relieves tension.  Experts stand by heat therapy for aches and pains.

    Arthritis is one of the most common diseases associated with aches and pains, but there are many other diseases that attack bones, joints, and muscles, and what better way to get a peaceful night's sleep than on a heated waterbed?  Waterbeds create total body support, relieving pressure associated with these diseases, all while adding heat to soothe and comfort.  In fact, hospitals throughout the United States and around the world have installed waterbeds in patient rooms to aid with recovery due to back and body pain. 

     You don't have to be admitted to a hospital to experience the soothing, therapeutic relief of a waterbed.  Buy one for yourself today at and see why the doctors stand behind them, continue to put them in hospital rooms, and recommend them for people who have back and body pains.  Don't wait until you are consumed with pain, get one now and say goodbye to pain!

Next week, we will take a look at how a waterbed helps with Insomnia. Thanks for Reading! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Rise and Fall of the Waterbed

The waterbed rose to fame in the 1970’s, and by the mid 80's one in five owned one!   

The waterbed became known as “the bed” to have during the Sexual Revolution, thanks to Hugh Heffner and Larry Flynt.  Could the waterbed have lost the “love” it once held during the Sexual Revolution?
Since the introduction of the waterbed much controversial debate has developed over the “worthiness” of sleeping on a waterbed.  Many studies have been conducted; experts came to their conclusions, all while the waterbed went on a roller coaster ride from “righteousness” to lame.
The Last 20 years have seen a rapid decline in waterbed sales, but let’s bring the waterbed back to where it was meant to be, in your home!  First, the positives of sleeping on water, which we are going to detail over the weeks:

·      Total body support
·      Relief from body pain
·      Helping with Insomnia
·      Relief from Asthma & Allergies
·      Medical Facts

Total Body Support

“Pressure points” are created on a conventional mattress due to certain areas of your body having greater weight concentrations.  A waterbed hugs your shape, and, being full of water, it displaces the greater weight concentrations evenly throughout your body totally eliminating pressure points.  As a result of this weight displacement, your pelvic area and spinal column become more aligned, lessening the stress and pain which can accumulate over the years.  When your body is aligned, your blood circulates better, and with that you wake up more rested and ready to tackle the day.

     Next week we will discuss how waterbeds decrease pain and discomfort.